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Photo for HobbyAthletes.com becomes My race diary

HobbyAthletes.com becomes My race diary

My race diary isn’t just an online trophy cabinet.. ..it’s a virtual kitbag of tools to help you find the coolest events, celebrate successes and connect with fellow racers worldwide. Look inside and you’ll find all you need to:

  • Monitor your athletic prowess (and physique!) using your personal race diary with timings, photos and comments.
  • Check out and share your race face using our photo upload feature with superfast BIB search feature.
  • Connect and cheer on fellow racers through the online community.
PS: Been here before? We were called hobbyathletes in our previous incarnation. We’ve been in training and now we’re faster and stronger than ever. We hope you enjoy the update!

Community for hobby and amateur endurance athletes

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Be part of the fast growing community of hobby and amateur endurance racers. Find people to share your experiences with, to train with, to travel to competitions with.

Share all photos you, your friends and family have taken during your race day(s) and find additional photos, taken by other participants, their friends and family. This page works through give and take. Every photo you publish here might be a special memory for someone you ran or cycled beside. Help making this page the biggest repository of photos taken at endurance races world-wide by uploading as many photos as you have.

The HobbyAthletes Team thanks you in advance for your efforts, while it continues providing you a tool that makes your sport even more enjoyable.

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