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Elbaman Triathlon 2018

Large flag of Italy Italy, Elba

Photo taken during ElbaMan Triathlon 2012
In 12 days

Quick facts about Elbaman Triathlon 2018


Swim is done inside the bay of Marina di Campo on a 1900m course to be repeated 2 times. At the end of first lap you exit from the water for a short run on the beach.

Course is clockwise. Yellow buoys are only for indicating direction, instead orange buoys sign the course and need to be taken on your right.


Bike is on a 60km clockwise course on the west part of the Island that need to be completed 3 times. Start is in Marina di Campo and 3.5km out of the town there is a big intersection and you need to turn right direction S.Ilario. There are roughly 5km to this small village, 3.5km done on an easy and scenic climb (4% average slope). In S.Ilario you can find first aid station (*) before going back to the same road descending to the previous intersection. Hereyou need to turn right towards Fetovaia, Cavoli, etc.

In Pomonte you find second aid station (*) and an rolling road arrives until Chiessi (27th km about) where a long uphill begins for reaching Marciana, the highest point of the course at 350m on the sea level.


After T2 the course takes you to the seaside that is 200m far away. This first section will not be repeated during the race.

When you are in front of the sea, you need to turn right for beginning the first of 5 laps of the course for a total of 42.2km.

You can find 2 aid-station at the u-turns and other 2 aid station in the midway (check on the mpa). This "midaway aid-station" are used in both direction, so you can consider to have a total of 6 station for each lap.

Each lap has a total length of about 8500m.


3.8km Swim / 180km Bike / 42.2km Run
1.9km Swim / 94km Bike / 21.1km Run

+ kids race

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