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Challenge Paguera-Mallorca 2018

Large flag of Spain Spain, Paguera, Mallorca, Balearic Islands

In 310 days

Quick facts about Challenge Paguera-Mallorca 2018

The big moment has arrived. It’s October 20th of 2018 and you, along with the other athletes who participate in the fifth edition of Challenge Paguera Mallorca are waiting for the race to start on the wet sand of the Tora beach. Your adrenaline is sky high, you try to isolate yourself from the noise of the motivational music and the public’s roaring encouragement, trying to focus on your challenge, overcome the 1.9 km swimming, 90 km on bike and 21 km running to become one of the Challenge Paguera Mallorca 2018 FINISHERS. You have a minimum of 4 hours left to reach the finish line, crossing through the most beautiful areas of Calvia, its coastline and its mountains. The goal is to reach the Paguera Boulevard with enough energy so the public and volunteers can thank you for your effort.


1.9km Swim / 90km Bike / 21.1km Run

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