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Rating Widget for your website

Not only is the HobbyAthletes Rating Widget perfect on the official website of a triathlon, marathon, half marathon other running or cycling (road bike or mountain bike) event, but also in a blog or article, where you write about a particular event.

With this free and awesome widget you give the visitor of your website the chance to see the actual rating of the event on HobbyAthletes.com, as well as give him or her the chance of adding their own rating with the beautiful overlaying form. People can only rate once. There are restrictions to IP address and registered users to rate only once for a particular event.

If you can't find the event you're trying to add the widget for in our database, feel free to add it and create the widget immediately after.

Keep in mind, that the widget is directly connected to HobbyAthletes.com, new ratings are seen on either side, your website and on the HobbyAthletes.com page.

This rating widget needs no registration and is absolutely free for you to use, whereever and whenever you want.

Install rating widget for 6. SWISS Int. Seelandtriathlon Murten 2011

Select a different Event here. Start typing the event name and then select from the list.

Easy installation in 4 steps

Step 1. Adding the placeholder for the widget

The following tag can be placed anywhere in your page where you like the widget to be displayed. By default it has a size of 140px width x 90px height, it floats left (text goes around it, starting on the top right corner of the widget), and a margin of 10px on the right side. You may overwrite this CSS properties to adjust the position to your wishes on your website

 <div id="hobbyathletes"></div> 

Step 2. Add reference to CSS file

Add the following code to your <head> section of the page you want to display the widget (between <head> and </head>)

 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://hobbyathletes.com/widget/ha_rating_widget.css" /> 

Step 3. Add reference to jquery library file

jQuery is a very common JavaScript framework. For the widget to work, we need at least version 1.6 or higher. Loading JavaScript files can either be done in your <head> section or at the end of your <body> tag

If jQuery is already added in your website, you don't need to load it twice.

 <script src="http://hobbyathletes.com/widget/jquery-1.11.1.js"></script> 

Step 4. Add reference to the widget javascript file

Copy and paste this line to either the end of the <body> or into the <head> section. This line has to be placed below the jQuery line of point 3.

This file cannot be copied to your local webserver and always needs to be loaded from the URL below. You can download and add the 2 files above to your server and load them locally, but the last one is dynamic and needs to be loaded from the location specified. It is also important that the file is loaded after the jquery library file

  <script src="http://hobbyathletes.com/widget/HA-Rating-25.js"></script> 

You find an example installation here with highlighted code example: Here!!!