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Pustertaler Ski-Marathon 2019

Large flag of Italy Italy, Braies-Ferrara

In 85 days

Quick facts about Pustertaler Ski-Marathon 2019

The start is in the Braies Valley in Schmieden, in the sports area at the entrance of the village. The course then leads to Niederdorf, continue to the Rienz and then to Toblach, the cross-country stadium passes on into the Landro past Lake Toblach to Dreizinnen Blick, where the turn is. Return to Toblach passing the cross country stadium again.

The path continues past the Drausprung to Innichen. There, the route passes below the Haunoldpiste, then continues into the Sextner valley. Once you reached the center in Sextner, the road leads until Bad Moos, where again you turn around and go back to Waldheim, where the finish line is after a total of 60km.


60km Skimo race
35km Skimo race

+ kids race

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