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Springe-Deister-Marathon 2019

Large flag of Germany Germany, Springe

In 122 days

Quick facts about Springe-Deister-Marathon 2019

It is a round course that has to be run 4 times for the marathon, 2 times for the half marathon and once for the 10 km race. The route was surveyed DLV surveyor from Wiedelah, for marathon, half marathon and 10 km on 10.03.2002 according to IWB rules by Thomas Fulst. The survey protocol was approved by the DLV.

Thus, the results can be included in the leaderboards.

 The KM markers are set for the marathon in blue, half marathon in yellow and 10 km run in red color. Every kilometer is signposted.

  The route profile has between the lowest and the highest point an elevation difference of about 35 m. That is probably not quite level. It's a round course at the foot of the Kleine Deister.


42.2km Marathon + 4 person Relay
21.1km Half Marathon
10km Race + Nordic Walking and Walking events
5km Run

+ kids runs

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