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Senftenberg Hallenmarathon 2019

Large flag of Germany Germany, Senftenberg

In 65 days

Quick facts about Senftenberg Hallenmarathon 2019

Counting each lap is done via transponder. As a special service monitors at the track showing the following information during the competition: starting number, first name, surname, organization, current term, done laps, laps to go, current rank, speed in km/h. After the contest, you will receive all your past lap times (every 250 m and 1.000 m all times).

Please bring 20 EURO transponder deposit! The rental fee for the transponder is 5 EURO. It is usually collected together with the registration fee.


100km Ultra Run
50km Ultra Run
42.2km Marathon
21.1km Half Marathon
10km Race
3km 1km and 250m Run

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