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Kaveri Trail Marathon 2018

Large flag of India India, Srirangapatnam

In 36 days

Quick facts about Kaveri Trail Marathon 2018

Kaveri Trail Marathon - the toughest marathon in the country, the trail which will leave your legs cooked when you cross the finish line and the marathon which will put your finest hour of training to test is calling all the brave men & women to take up its 6th anniversary challenge - Run the marathon, half marathon or the 10K

The route of the Kaveri Trail Marathon runs along one of the tributaries of the river Kaveri. The route is located inside the scenic Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and as you run, you will be flanked by the Kaveri on one side and migratory birds & paddy fields on the other.

Come, run the Kaveri Trail Marathon to experience the joy of running.


42.2km Marathon
21.1km Half Marathon
10km Race

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