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Gutenberg Marathon Mainz 2018

Large flag of Germany Germany, Mainz

In 107 days

Quick facts about Gutenberg Marathon Mainz 2018

After DLV guidelines officially measured round course (two partially identical lines) through the old city of Mainz and through several neighborhoods. Many famous sights of Mainz, such as the cathedral and the Kurf├╝rstliche Schloss, you get to see twice on the loop. The maximum difference in height in the first lap is 9 meters, in the second lap while crossing the Rhine 21 meters. The route is traffic-free and asphalt (3% cobble stone). Each kilometer is marked properly and the ideal running line is marked on the route with blue paint.


42.2km Marathon
28.13km 2/3 Marathon
21.1km Half Marathon + Handbike

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