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Security and Privacy on HobbyAthletes.com:


The Photo-Sharing (main function and reason of this page)

Photos you share through one of the links provided on the event pages are visible for everybody finding his or her way to HobbyAthletes.com without any restrictions. Photos and Pictures cannot and will never be privatised by any privacy setting. Since the main reason for this website is to share photos with the other, mostly unknown participant of an endurance race, privacy settings on photos would work against our phylosophy. Please be aware that this is NOT Facebook. We want people to find their photos, not only friends, or friends of friends. Everybody should be able to find the photos, you, one of your friends or your family have taken during endurance races.


Email Addresses

Email addresses given to HobbyAthletes are stored secure and will never be published, or given to 3rd-Parties, or used for any other purpose than the functionality of this page. Although, registered users can search for email adresses in the filter function on the Athletes page, the email address itself will never be displayed, nor is accessible for email address hunting spam robots.
Not registered and not logged on users are not able to search for surnames and emailadresses. Not registered users are only able to see a thumbnail of your photo with your firstname, and location (country and city) where you're living.


User Profiles

The profile of Edwin Krause (owner of HobbyAthletes.com) has public access. All other user profiles are only seen by registered users. Additional privacy settings will be implemented approx. beginning to middle of 2015.


Published content

Offensive or inappropriate content will be removed immediately, as soon as detected. If you see any inappropriate content on the pages of HobbyAthletes.com please send an email to support@hobbyathletes.com .
The owner of this page takes no responsibility for any misusage or content published by registered users.
However, we remain our right to remove inappropriate content published by users, as well as block and / or delete responsible user accounts.



Links placed on the event pages direct to other webpages, where we have limited control. We hereby dissociate us from any content on the linked pages.