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Add a missing event to the HobbyAthletes.com database (triathlon, marathon, run, cycling, multi-sports endurance events only)

By adding the event to HobbyAthletes with the easy-to-use form, the event will be immediatelly part of our database and people can find it through the "Find Event" function on top of all pages. This is a great promotion for the event, including setting a valuable backlink to the official event page. As participant you will have the chance to meet and exchange experiences, ideas, concerns with other participants.

Great features like location on google maps, route planning, day count-down, and a discussion page are added immediatelly. Our HobbyAthletes can link themselves to the event, by adding it to their "My Races" section.

After the event has taken place, starting on the day of the event, photos can be uploaded, ratings can be given and reviews can be written.

As event owner (or creator) you may also add the official event logo. This feature is new since Version 5.0.3 of HobbyAthletes.com

Before you add an event, please make sure it does not already exist in our database, by checking here.