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How to create and publish a new event

written by Edwin Krause on August 26, 2016 (viewed 295 times)

One of the great features of HobbyAthletes.com is to publish an event. To publish an event here may have the following reasons:

1. You're the organizer of an event and you'd like to draw more traffic to your website.
2. You participated or going to participate in an event, that does not yet exist in our database
3. You're a photographer and you'd like to share the photos you have taken during an event, that is not yet in our database

We believe that reason 2 will be the most common in future, while our athletes are connecting themselves to all the events they have participated in, they are very likely to come across a missing event. Well, just add it, it's really easy!

In order to be able to publish an event you need to be logged in. 

Follow one of the "Add event" buttons and links, that are easy to be reached from almost any page on Hobbyathletes.com. The following page will open: http://hobbyathletes.com/newevent

If you're logged in you will see the following mask:

The mask to add an event 

The Mask itself is pretty much self-explanatory. I won't go into too much details here, just a few hints.

On the right hand side of each row, you'll see a button with a questionmark. When you click on this, you will get further details of what we expect you to enter in each row.

In addtion here are the promissed hints:

Name: The name field has to contain the correct and official name of the event, it has to end with the year in a four digit format. The reason for this is that most of the events take place once a year, and the year at the end of the name makes it possible to distinguish between the different events.

City: When you start typing the city name, you may see a popup suggesting the correct city while you're typing. You can choose the suggestion or just continue typing. For some countries, i.e. United Kingdom, United States, Australie we have more than one map to display the location, you may add the State in case of United States and Australia, and the country in case of United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). 

Date: For events lasting more than one day, you should select "Multi day event", a second date selector will appear to select the last day of the event.

Distances: This is a free text field, however, in order to make it easier for you, we provided you with the button row for stanadard distances below the distances field. You can use them and even if the distances are in reality not all that standard you can adjust the distances once the button has been pressed. The field remains a free text field and can be modified.

Once you're done editing, you may submit the event by pressing "Submit event", you will be redirected to the new website you just created. 

Keep in mind that all the published events are reviewed by our administrators and may be adjusted if necessary and deleted if the content is inappropriate.

Happy Event-Adding :-)