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Unique photo database where photos are connected to events, BIB numbers, and athletes All your endurance races with distances, results, pictures and more in one place. My Race Calendar yearly view with all your future and completed races Connect with like-minded athletes in your area, find people to train with at home or when traveling Organize your season by linking yourself with the events you will or have participated Publish events you organise, support or have or will participate in

The owner Edwin Krause at Blenheim Triathlon 2012

A word from the creator Edwin Krause:

The idea for the page came after participating in my first triathlon in 2008: The Hamburg Cityman 2008.
Getting into triathlons started in 2006, when I talked to a friend about triathlon, who I went regularly swimming with in Barcelona (Where I was living at the time). As we were already cycling and swimming on a decent regular basis, the only thing missing was running. So we thought: Why not doing a triathlon. We aimed for the Hamburg Cityman 2007, but since getting started with running was very hard for me, we had to skip 2007. It took me a very long time to get used to the running and up to today I'm still a weak runner (Getting almost decent though :-)).
However, in 2008 my friend and I finished our first Triathlon in Hamburg, Germany. Ever since, I was hooked to this sport and my passion grew more and more over the years.
Beginning of 2012 I finally quit smoking and put the additional spare time into additional training. In 2012 I signed up for 6 triathlons in 3 different countries. Although, I was not able to compete in the 2 last events due to an injured shoulder, I would consider my season as very successful.
2013 First Half Marathon and first (and second) Ironman 70.3 was on the list and meanwhile all successfully finished.
Due to other projects Hobbyathletes.com has been transfered to be one of the projects of newly founded company Krause IT Consulting. We hope we can grow further and provide an awesome service to all our visitors.

The idea behind HobbyAthletes.com

A new idea was born:

As I participated in several sport events myself over the years and recognised, that many pictures of me were taken directly (me in front) or indirectly (Picture taken of somebody else who I was running or cycling after), I was looking for a way to get hold of these photos.
And here is the solution. HobbyAthletes provides a service, where users can upload photos linked to an official sport event (Triathlon, Runs, Marathon and Cycling event) and add the race numbers (BIBs) seen on each picture. This immediatelly generated picture series for each added number. No matter when and who adds more pictures for a particular BIB number, the photo is automatically added to the photo series

What we did and had to do to realize the idea:

The basic idea was not that easy to realise, as there was some kind of framework necessary. A user registration, contacts and internal messaging system compulsary. Meanwhile we have a decent base of functions and features on Hobbyathletes.com, but constantly trying to work out how to implement new ideas. Our inspiration is coming from YOU as visitor of this page, as well as the people we talked to during events and training sessions.

The Team:

Creator and owner:
Edwin Krause
Krause IT Consulting

We try to keep the page advertisements as little as possible. This is only possible with your support through a donation to HobbyAthletes.com

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Special thanks to the following people, who were especially helpful during the beginning of this project by sharing time and knowledge in their fields of expertise:

* Stevie B. (Hosting, URL translations)
* Mikko N., Monika R. (Design)
* Beat S. (JavaScript)
* Anders J. (SQL Security and JQuery implementation)
* Roger S. (SQL Data shifting and restructuring)
* Karen F. (Event collector)

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