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Tucson Marathon & Half Marathon 2017

Large flag of United States United States, Tucson, Arizona

In 48 days

Quick facts about Tucson Marathon & Half Marathon 2017

The Tucson Marathon Events have been run annually since 1995, growing from 800 participants to over 4000 throughout that period. Our races have proven to be favorites for local runners as well as visitors, with 48 states and 5 foreign countries being represented last year. A little more than half of the runners in the Marathon field have been male, with the reverse true of the Half-Marathon. The combination of a fast course with moderate to cool race time temperatures make these races a popular choice for runners searching for a personal best, or maybe a Boston qualifying time. Whether you’re looking for a fast competitive event, or simply a ‘leisurely’ 26.2 mile morning run, the Tucson Marathon races will be a good fit.


42.2km Marathon + Relay
21.1km Half Marathon

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