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Maratona delle Terre Verdiane 2014

Salsomaggiore terme, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
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Race already in the past!
As tradition, the 4th Sunday of February is dedicatedto the Verdi Marathon and the 2013 edition will take place on the 24th.The 42kms and 195 mts race will start in Salsomaggiore Terme and, crossing the ViaFrancigena in Fidenza, it will touch the Fidenza Outlet Village and themedieval castle of Fontanellato, it will enter the Meli Lupi fortress ofSoragna and after brushing the Verdi’s birth place in Roncole will finish inBusseto: the ending line will be at the feet of the great Maestro’s monument!
Official webpage with full information http://www.verdimarathon.com/
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42.2km Marathon
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21.1km Half Marathon
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