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9th Louis Persoons Memorial Run 2013

Large flag of Belgium Belgium, Genk

937 days ago

Quick facts about 9th Louis Persoons Memorial Run 2013

All competitions are held on a 6 km course, with a pre-start of 195 m.

Marathon : 195 m + 7 laps of 6 km
21, 098 km : 3,098 km pre-start + 3 laps of 6 km
12,195 km : 195 m + 2 laps van 6 km
6,195 km : 195 m + 1 lap of 6 km

4/5 of the circuit is free of traffic and all competitions are held in an afforested recreation area known as Kattevennen at Genk. The other part (ca. 1 km) runs through the traffic calmed quarter named Gelieren. Here you have to follow the common traffic regulations. Each participant takes part at his/her own risk. The entire course is perfect for running and consists only of asphalted narrow streets and paths

Official Webpage: http://www.lpm-marathon.be


42.2km Marathon
21.1km Half Marathon
12.2km Run
6.2km Run

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