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How to request a contact with another athlete?

written by Edwin Krause on August 24, 2016 (viewed 163 times)

There are 2 primary ways of adding a contact request with another athlete.

1. Using the Search Athletes mask
2. From the athletes profile page

Let's have a look at the 1st option adding a contact through the Search Athletes page. To get to that page just click in the top menue at the Athletes icon (navigation on mobile phones may be a bit different depending on your screen resolution).

You may search for any word or term you like. In our example I'm searching for "Piedro", one of our test users.

Finding the way to Athletes page

I will show you the second place where to find the Add to Contacts button first, before I show you how to continue. You will also find the button in the users profile

Finding button in users profile

Once you click one of the buttons, no matter where you found it, the following pop-up will appear:

The pop-up window Now You can select how you know the athlete, by choosing the "Relationship to user", we're sure one of the options will fit.

You can also write a message to the user. Once you press the Request Now button, the user will get an email containing also your personal message. But you may leave that field empty if you do not wish to have a personal message in your request.

Once you're happy with your selection and your personal message, click the "Request Now" button. That's it.

The user will apear already in the "My contacts" section of your profile in pending status.