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How to add an event to your calendar (My Races)

written by Edwin Krause on August 25, 2016 (viewed 145 times)

One of the main purposes of the website HobbyAthletes.com is to record and organize the events you participate/d over the years, having a track record of all the races you've done with all results and photos.

First we need to learn how to add an event to your My Races and My Race Calendar section. Basically we have to create a link between you (your HobbyAthletes.com user account) and the race (the sports event you participated in or you will participate in). Here we have 2 different ways to achieve this:

1. Directly through the Event search page 
2. Through the open event page.

Lets get started with option one. The Event Search page you find by clicking in the top navigation bar the Events symbol. The page that opens has many options to filter and search for the event you're looking for. However, all the listed events have an addition button displayed, once you're logged in "Add to My Races"

How to add a race to My Races through Event search

We can also open one of these events. The same button is displayed in the event view and we can add the event fom there

How to add a race to My Races through Event view

Either one of the buttons will trigger the following pop-up, where you have to confirm your decision by clicking "Add now...". All other fields can be left empty for now, you have the option to edit this details later.

Confirming to add the race to My Races

That's it! Now you will see the event displayed in your User Profile under My Races and well as it's displayed in your My Races Calendar on the date when the race is taking place.