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General behaviour and controls

written by Edwin Krause on August 24, 2016 (viewed 150 times)

Welcome to our article and blog section.

We are happy you're considering writing an article or a blog using HobbyAthletes.com as your platform. With our Editor we provide you with a tool where you have plenty of options to design your articles, from normal text formatting (font-weight, font-styles, font types), using tables, lists, inserting images, links, smileys. Advanced users may insert their own custom CSS as well.

At the moment we are at an early stage of providing this editor to our users. We still need to collect feedback and see what users are trying to do to constantly improve the interface.

However there is a basic rule. that will apply forever:

What you see in the Editor is not what you get in the published article 

But that's not such a big deal, the final result is very similar to what you see in the Editor. Once you click the "Save and preview" button, or you use the "Save" symbol in the Editor tool bar, the article is securely saved in our database and it is displayed as it will be once it is published.

While you're working on your article and occasionally saving and previewing it, we recommend to uncheck the checkbox "Ready to be reviewed". This will prevent our admins to review this article already before it's finished.

The Admin Approval Checkbox:

Below the Editor there are 2 checkboxes, Ready to be reviewed and Admin Approval. The option admin approval is disabled for a normal user and can only be changed to "Yes" by our admins. For you as a author and normal user it is only as a control to see if the article has already been reviewed.

My article has been approved, but I need to make changes

Once your article is approved it is visible to all visitors of HobbyAthletes.com. When you edit an already published article or blog, our system creates a copy of your article and saves it as modification. This modification needs to go through approval procedure again. While you're waiting for the modification to be approved, the initial version is still published and accessible for all HobbyAthletes.com visitors.

Sharing your article or blog on facebook, google+, twitter or any other social network.

After approval, a row with share buttons will be displayed on top of your article/blog. This enables you to easily share the content on any of the common social networks. We recommend to have at least one photo or graphic embedded in you article. This photo will be displayed, when your article is shared. If you have more than one photo in your article, the first photo is the preview photo. It will also be displayed in our Blog and article list on http://hobbyathletes.com/blogs/search